Written and Directed by Tatum Miller 
Produced by Mitch McGonegal, Tatum Miller, and Lucas Elzer 
BAILEY: Katie Kendrick
JOSH: Max Chester
Lexi: Genevieve Howley
Michelle: Mercer Whitfield 
Director of Photography: Jules Rein 
Assistant Director: Lucas Elzer 
Assistant Camera: Charlene Cheung
Editor: Mitch McGonegal 
Gaffer: Eitan Ehrlich 
Sound Recordist: Isabella Mulé
Production Designers: Kelsey Sidman and Rebekah Oden 
Makeup Artist: Izabella Pitaniello 
Production Assistant: Owen Mitchell
Intimacy Coordinator: Genevieve Howley 
Poster Design by Tatum Miller
Trailer edited by Mitch McGonegal
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